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About Intel® GrowthX

  • Intel® GrowthX is an innovation platform, and a part of Intel China Innovation Accelerator Program, helping Intel grow inorganically and exponentially through the power of entrepreneurship and principles of open innovation, design thinking & lean startup.

    We accelerate ideas and innovations coming from both internal as well as external innovators by building exciting new use cases and business applications on top of Intel’s core technologies.

    Formerly known as Ideas2Reality, GrowthX was founded 5 years ago to accelerate commercialization of internal innovations. Since then, we have explored 350+ business plans, accelerated 50+ ideas, landing more than a dozen products into the market.

    We have consistently collaborated with startups, academia, accelerators and various other partners in the ecosystem to bring ideas to life and since late 2019, we opened our accelerator to the external startups.

  • GrowthX是英特尔中国的内部创新平台,是英特尔创新加速器的一部分,旨在帮助英特尔通过开放式创新、设计思维和精益创业方式实现无机商业指数式增长。




About Our Accelerator


Each year, we explore dozens of business plans from inside and outside of Intel & select promising ideas to join our acceleration program over two batches with five slots per batch.

GrowthX Accelerator is a 16-week action- learning program and consists of 8 individual sprints. Each sprint focuses on one particular aspect of business. A sprint is divided into half a day of group workshop and half a day of 1:1 coaching sessions called EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) Check-Ins where most pressing issues are solved collectively.

In addition to training, mentorship and connections in the ecosystem, GrowthX provides seed funding to the teams in order to build a solid MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a POC (Proof of Concept). The outcome of the accelerator is a validated business case for Intel to invest in and/ or for startups to raise capital and grow further and faster.

Since inception, we’ve organized 9 batches of cohorts and have constantly evolved our program and offerings based on learning from our experiences and a fast evolving world.





  • Bootcamp
  • Selection Day
  • Demo Showcase